Mikhail Gulin «Za Myazhoy»

One of submitted series at the exhibition — “100% masculine”. It’s interesting to think about manipulation methods of spectator’s consciousness. What does a spectator consume? Beauty of painted faces (sexuality), execution (artist’s technique), name? What will be if you say to spectator that they are LGBT rights activists? Can it add bonuses to the artwork?

In series “Minimal – Sexual” I use sex as a marketing strategy. Art constantly is used by business technologies. In present series I reduce this to an absurdity.

Another series, called “Non-abstract art”, is ironic view on painter’s strategies. The easiest and the most democratic geometric elements or abstract styles are monopolized and then become artist’s brand.

Also there are artworks from series “Skulls and bones” and installation “Мастацтва павінна…” at the exhibition. In Russian language, “Мастацтва павінна…” means “Art should…” and sounds like Russian word “Виновно” (Guilty). It’s the main leitmotif of the whole project. It’s easier to determine the guilt of the art than understand what art should do.