Xevi Vilaro «8»

The exhibition will include the most resent works by the artist, some of the paintings were recently presented at Fundacio Vila Casas in Barcelona, and also the exposition will include three new works created in 2015 especially for the show.

Xevi Vilaró is a multimedia artist, in his artworks he uses different medias: oil on canvas, acrylic glass, backlit and incorporates video, exploring and mixing together traditional materials and techniques. The main heroes in his works are people – faceless or mysterious, disturbing facial expressions, in the way of paradox, but in contact with nature, suffering the poorest emotions as the human beings without socialization.

The main problematic of Xevi Vilaró work is the lack of natural path for humanity, artist represents the character of a man, who lost on the way, and how the individuality can be lost in the faceless society, during the emotionless materialization of everyday life.