UNTITLED, Art fair 2020

Osnova gallery is pleased to announce its participation at UNTITLED, ART FAIR San Francisco January 17 – 19. At the fair, gallery will present Dunya Zakharova’s solo project.

Dunya Zakharova (b. 1987 Yakutia) gives emotional color to abstract forms, drawing and sublimating her own personal life experiences, she builds narrative, sourced from pagan roots, psychiatric disorders, sexual perversions.

She acts as a scientist entomologist, who impales feelings and memories on pins. It is a combination of loneliness, tenderness, melancholy and secret desires. Nothing is defined, body changes under the influence of feelings, everything old passes away in order to move on. But nothing disappears completely, and forms present as prehistoric animals and insects stuck in layers of stones.

Carefully stuffed with soft fiber, the fabric forms an indivisible cloth and resembles an epithelial tissue with cells tightly pressed against each other in the artist’s works. At some point, the cells begin to turn into faces and become animated, creating an utmost emotional intensity and, at the same time, presenting the face as an infinitely reproducible archetype.

The video created in collaboration with the composer Alina Petrova will become the rhythm-forming element of the stand. The video documents some form of ritual, where a body interacts with sculptures made of cloth to become their part, their continuation. Much like a shaman, the artist becomes a mediator between his own imagined world and modern reality. During the video, one can hear traditional shaman’s algys (an appeal to the spirits) in Yakut language during his ritual, – to the beat of mother’s heart, heard in the womb.

Osnova is a young and dynamic Moscow art space that provides a vital platform for emerging artists from countries worldwide. Osnova strive to bring new artist names to the forefront of the contemporary art scene, and engage extensively with the local community integrating it to the international art scene.

We are thankful that the participation of Osnova gallery will be supported by a special grant program launched by the innovative platform Cube.Moscow and iPureland Agency in 2019.

Cube.Moscow operates as an innovative platform for the collaboration of galleries, artists, curators and other professionals in the field of art. Cube.Moscow brings together progressive galleries to share space, resources, and ideas to promote contemporary art in Russia and globally. Each year invited curators and gallery residents organize 20+ exhibitions. Inspired by the power of cross-cultural exchange and its mentor, world-renowned collector Uli Sigg, Cube.Moscow strives for connecting the Russian and international art communities. In 2019, it has launched a special grant program, which supports participation of the resident galleries in high-quality international art fairs. The first of its kind initiative in Russia, is conducted in partnership with iPureland, the New York-based curatorial, producing and creative collaborations agency.

iPureland – the New York-based curatorial, producing and creative collaborations agency. The first of its kind initiative in Russia supports Cube.Moscow’s gallery residents’ representation in high-quality international art fairs.

UNTITLED, Art fair 2020