Oleg Dou: Mutant

In the project “Mutant” Oleg Dou goes off the actuality, fashion: he turns his attention to permanence. What do we have in common – people of the past, future – and contemporary people? The XXth century struck off ideals and destroyed them, brought us multiculturalism, and it feels like a danger behind it.
The danger is the awareness of misunderstanding the things it can lead to. Reflecting on these issues, Oleg Dou raises a question if there is an aesthetic ideal today, whether it is new or old and “resuscitated”.

For the artist the exhibition is taking a step to remember and remind the concept of aesthetics in its philosophical – and natural – meaning. It claims that our attitude to the world and the connection of our consciousness with it is expressed exactly by aesthetics.
The polarization of an artist itself and the whole contemporary art process plays a great role. Referring to the classical European iconography, the artist, however, criticizes the XX century that abandoned the idea of absolute. Oleg Dou replaces postmodern cynicism with humor, emphasizing erotic esoterism, which sounds like something you can not come across at the contemporary art museum or another institution.

“Mutant” exhibition is addressed to the personal experience of the artist. His aesthetic feeling related to understanding his termination, due to which it becomes possible. But the spectators’ view is also important because they perceive this aesthetic and take it to the level of their reality. The artist is trying to create a so-called “jamais vu” – something that a person has never experienced.

Oleg Dou (born in 1983) is one of the brightest representatives of modern Russian photography on the world art stage. He became popular due to large-format portraits. In the portraits peoples’ frozen faces remind the masks without emotions. In 2007 Oleg Dou was declared a “Photographer of the year in a special category” in International Photography Awards. In 2009 he was rewarded as “The best young photographer” in the Arte Laguna Art Prize. Today Oleg Dou’s artworks are presented by the leading galleries in France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, and the USA. In 2011 Artprice included the artist into the Top 3 best-selling artists under 30 years at auctions.

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