Loop art fair 2019 — Yelena Popova

Osnova gallery is pleased to announce its patrisipationa at Loop art fair 17th edition in Barcelona


19-21 November 2019.


Almanac Barcelona, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 619, 08007 Barcelona

We are thankful that the participation at Loop art fair will be supported by a special grant program launched by the innovative platform Cube.Moscow and iPureland Agency in 2019.

Osnova gallery will present Yelena Popova time based artwork “This certies that’

’This Certifes That’ is a code- generated computer performance projected on a wall with sound. A computer in real time generates images reminiscent of Euro banknotes in denomination of 5 to 500 Euro (with convoluted and interlocking Guilloche lines and 3D scans of sculptures from Oliver Laric’s project for Lincoln Museum, UK). The elements that make up the image constantly shift in potentially in nite patterns, at some point the whole sequence crashes, and then rebuilds itself.

The visual stream is accompanied by a soundtrack that can be described as an algorithmic composition (sound developed in collaboration with Rebecca Lee, and inspired by Cornelius Cardew’s music experiments). A constantly morphing sonic landscape is built from different sources, including sampled audio, human and simulated voices. The computer voices with different accents read sentences which are randomly selected by the machine- world to formulate different propositions.

Yelena Popova was inspired to do ‘This Certifies That’ installation when reading about a group of anarchists around the photographer, engineer and inventor Leon Warnerke, that attempted to crush Russia‘s (and with it the world‘s) economy at the end of the 19th century – by flooding the market with an excess of forged banknotes. So, the global market, the invisibility (and enormous effectiveness) of the financial currents, the fact that the banknotes abstract the value by certifying it, all play a role.

But also, the excess of images, goods, currency, and of course, the contemporary problem of algorithm generated tweets that influence our consumer and political choices. The hypnotic effect of the movement of the capital is formally empathized by the infinitely rotating ring of stars.

Yelena Popova Born in USSR, works in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Popova is an artist who works across a wide range of media, including painting, video and installation. Reflecting her upbringing in the Urals, she is influenced by the tenets of Russian Constructivism, while often seeking to discuss the constant development of industrialism and the landscape of contemporary Capitalism. There is an important stress placed upon the theme of balance within her work, whether this is political, aesthetic or metaphysical. Her documentary films, such as Particulate Matter, provide a relatively concrete exploration of the universal relationship between Capitalism and Industrialisation, across cultural intersections. Yelena Popova primarily focuses upon matter and materiality, using a wide variety of media to open up discourses to her audience.

iPureland the New York-based curatorial, producing and creative collaborations agency. The first of its kind initiative in Russia supports Cube.Moscow’s gallery residents’ representation in high-quality international art fairs.

Cube.Moscow operates as an innovative platform for the collaboration of galleries, artists, curators and other professionals in the field of art. It brings together progressive galleries to share space, resources, and ideas to promote contemporary art in Russia and globally. Each year invited curators and gallery residents organize 20+ exhibitions. Inspired by the power of cross-cultural exchange and its mentor, world-renowned collector Uli Sigg, Cube.Moscow strives for connecting the Russian and international art communities. In 2019, it has launched a special grant program, which supports participation of the resident galleries in high-quality international art fairs. The first of its kind initiative in Russia, is conducted in partnership with iPureland, the New York-based curatorial, producing and creative collaborations agency.

Loop art fair 2019 — Yelena Popova



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