“I break into your house…”

Why is poetry essential at the time of global proxy wars?
 This question would be raised by an artificial neural network based on ideas by Hito Steyerl and Martin Heidegger. The group exhibition «I break into your house…”» is presented as an extended discourse on the boundaries of this issue.
Consisting primarily of sculptural objects, dissected readymades and installations which function as different variations of poesis in this time of increasing global conflicts, tension and recurrent incursions/constant invasions.

The artists of the exhibition project “I break into your house…” will present works that can be viewed as different variations of the artistic dialectics of dyads like conflict/consensus, peaceful/military, attack/defense. One of the leading forces of this exhibition project is the desire to overstrain the obsessive oppositions by artistic means and to neutralize the garbage stereotypes associated with the discourse of the fundamental conflicts of the present.

Artists: Vitaliy Bezpalov, Irina Gorbacheva, Alena Seletskaya, Alexey Taruts, Kirill Savchenkov, Dmitry Khvorostov

Curator: Dmitry Khvorostov

Kirill SavchenkovVitaly Bezpalov Aleksei TarutsIrina GorbachevaAlena SeletskayaDmitry Khvorostov

b. 1987 Moscow, Russia.

Kirill Savchenkov works with various media including performance, installation and video. His artistic practice appeals to the relations between mediation and education produced in the current geopolitical and medianaturecultural world order, penetrated by proxy-logic. It readjusts the interactions between technology and policy, body and intellect, given and manufactured. It transforms interactions between human and objects into relations between knowledge and data in the digital and social media age. Cognition becomes the battlefield.

Selected solo and duo exhibitions
2017 Office of Sensitive Activities/Applications Group. V-A-C Foundation, MMOMA, Moscow
2016 Museum of skateboarding. Calvert22, London
2015 Horizon Community Workshop. Agency of Singular Investigations (ASI), Moscow
2014 Avalanche. FotoDepartament, Saint-Petersburg
2013 Anabasis. Culture center “Vdohnovenie”, Moscow
2012 “The frenzied urge to struggle” / w. Sasha Kurmaz. Paperworks gallery, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions
2018 Metageography: Orientalism and Dreams of Robinsons. The Zarya Center for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok
2018 12th Gwangju Biennale, Imagined Borders. Gwangju, South Korea
2018 Based on these new dependencies, we define five normal forms. MMOMA, D21 (Leipzig), Moscow
2017 Blind Spot. Artist-run platform supported by the Goethe Institute and with aegis of EUNIC.
2017 First person. Amsterdam
2017 Dance, Dance, Dance. BURSA Gallery, The Kyiv International – Kyiv Biennial 2017, Kyiv
2017 Between fatigue: towards the new forms of life. Palace of culture for railway workers, Ekaterinburg
2017 4th Ural Industrial Biennial, curator Joao Ribas. Ural Instrument-Making Plant, Ekaterinburg
2017 Metageography: Space-Image-Action. Pushkin House, London
2017 Space Force Construction. V-A-C Foundation, Venice
2017 Hosting the Inhuman. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, V-A-C Foundation, Moscow
2017 BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts Porto and Lisbon. Porto, Portugal
2017 Inconvenient Questions. Tartmus, Tartu Art Museum, Estonia
2017 Toward the Source. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2016 Young blood. CCA Winzavod, Moscow
2015 Programme В«Expanding Space. Artistic practice in the urban environmentВ». V-A-C Foundation, GES-2, Moscow
2015 Metageography. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2014 Semiconductors. Stella Art Foundation, Moscow
2014 Angelic conversation. Electromuseum, Moscow
2014 Parallel Program Manifesta 10. St. Petersburg
2014 Look into it. Zamoskvorechie gallery / Grinberg gallery, Moscow
2013 Dali. CCI Fabrika, Moscow
2013 Stability. Ghosts. Random Gallery, Moscow
2011 Young photography’11, “Margin”. FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg
2011 Performing archive. E.K. Artbureau gallery, Moscow
2010 Silver camera. Central Exhibition Hall “Maneg”, Moscow
2010 Young photography’10, “Time”. FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg
2010 Russian photography. Galerie Beckel-Odille-Boecos, Paris, France

Awards and grants
2018 Innovation Art Prize. “New Generation” category.
2017 Scholarship within the program of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in support of emerging artists.
2014 MACK First Book Award (shortlist)
2011 The Silver Camera Prize. “Architecture” category.

Selected publications
2018 Moscow Art Magazine No. 103
2017 ArtReview, winter ’17
2017 ArtReview, may’17
2016 Flaneur magazine, issue 6, fall-winter 2016
2015 British Journal of Photography, february 2015
2014 Afisha magazine No.372
2014 The Guardian, june 2014
2013 Artchronika magazine, march/april 2013
2012 Afisha magazine No.319
2011 Photo.Art, October 11.
2011 Ojodepez, When We Were Young, Editor Bruno Ceschel, Spain
2009 Blacksquare magazine No.6 (spring)

Online publications
2016 i-D, august 2016
2015 Svilova, april 2015 (exhibition in artist-run online platform)
2014 032c, november 2014
2014 Calvert journal, august 2014
2014 Dazed digital, june 2014
2014 Afisha mag, june 2014
2014 Calvert journal, may 2014
2014 Calvert journal, april 2014
2013 Around art, novembre 2013
2012 W-O-S, october 2012
2012 Prism Photo Magazine #03, january 2012
2011 Satellite voices, april 2011

2012 The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia
2009 Moscow Technical University of Communication and Computer Science

(b. 1985). Lives and works in Moscow.

Artist, co-founder of TZVETNIK.

Selected exhibitions:

Очевидное невероятное, 427 Gallery, Riga (LT), 2018;
The Blood of the Poor, Oktogon, Wuppertal (DE), 2018;
Assiette ou Virage et Dérapage, Milano (IT), 2017;
The Rhythm of the Night, Center RED, Moscow (RU), 2017;
Paradise on Mars, OJ, Istanbul (TR), 2017;
Politics of fragility, Galereya na Shabolovke, Moscow (RU), 2016;
Metageorgaphy. Space-Image-Action, Moscow State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (RU), 2015

Aleksei Taruts’ work mostly involves performative and situational practice. In his projects, the artist draws the viewer’s attention to the topic of an event, its production and representation. Taruts considers an event itself as a performative medium, a symbolic object of instantaneous cultural exchange in the age of semiocapitalism. In his works, Taruts examines the neuroses of contemporaneity shaped by the obsession for immediate representation and the politics of “post-truth”, disenchantment by internet and overexposure to wow-effects. Taruts frequently uses sound and music as means to reflect on the effects produced by mass culture and other power structures.

Solo exhibitions:

Beyond your wildest dreams, performance (ZIL Cultural Centre, 2018)
Let all your dreams come true, site specific performance (Cosmoscow art fair 2017) No Human Grace, solo exhibition (Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2017)
Respawn, exactly, if not you then who (ISSMAG Gallery, Moscow, 2016)
Ultra Presence (NII х Alpbau, Moscow, 2016)
Xtra lyte (NII, 2015)
Premium Class Triumph (Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2016)
Raves I Have Missed (Central Manege, Moscow, 2014).

Selected group exhibitions:

Fomo sapiens, group exhibition by Smart Art (as part of non-commercial programme of Cosmoscow art fair 2018) Die Stadt dringt in das Haus, Simultanhalle / MMOMA, Moscow, 2018
First Person, group exhibition, Amsterdam, 2017
Dance Dance Dance, Bursa Gallery, within the programme of the Kyiv International Biennial, 2017
Post Peace (Kunsteverein Stuttgart, 2017 and at Nest Den Hague 2017)
Unity at the Core (NII х Alpbau, Moscow, 2017)
Young Blood (Moscow Biennial of Young Art, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, 2016)
3AM (Berlin, 2015)
Great Expectations. Final Exhibition (Central Manege, Moscow, 2014)
Postdigital. Different borders (Museum and Exhibition Center «Worker and Kolkhoz Woman», Moscow, 2014); International Symposium of Mediaculture «Pro & Contra» — «Splitting the Visual: The Value of New Media» (Manege Exhibition Cenre, Moscow, 2013)
Labour In a Single Shot (Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann workshop at Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia) followed by an exhibition at Multimedia Art Museum Moscow and followed by group exhibitions in Łódź, Athens, Montreal (2013);
Mythology Online (Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, 2013)
Предстоящие выставки:
Solo exhibition at Vadim Sidur Museum 2019


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