Henning Strassburger: Air Conditioner

Osnova gallery is glad to announce the first Henning Strassburger’s personal exhibition in Russia. The artist’s new project continues his commentary on the modern visual culture. Strassburger thoroughly examines the colour schemes and patterns in mass media and advertising to create abstract paintings.

His art is ironic and anxious, topical and personal, contrasting and harmonious. In Strassburger’s works, recognizable figures are seen among the graphic lines and colour splodges, and the viewer’s interaction with them combines the guessing of the source of the concrete with the sensual emotional perception of the abstract.

His method of painting blends the techniques of expressionism in bright colours and energetic gestures with minimalism in the pursuit of an ideally flat canvas surface, a mix of hight and low culture. The aesthetic aim of the artist is to create a reference to the digital image and the reproduction of painting with the painting itself. Strassburger adresses the issues of digitalization of modern culture and convergence of public and private.

In his works, the artist examines the position of painting in the era of digital technology that jaded visual continuum with symbols and images. Henning Strassburger (born 1983) lives and works in Berlin. He graduated Düsseldorf Academy of Arts and took part in the largest international events, including Art Basel and The Armory Show.