Cosmoscow 2018

As part of Cosmoscow, the gallery displays a new project featuring such artists as Ian Ginsburg from Russia and Henning Strassburger from Germany. Each of these two young artists in their own way deconstructs and interprets artistic techniques of the 20th century, exploring their influence on contemporary artistic thought. Their work explores the possibilities of today’s art practices and their place in the current visual continuum. Dealing with the art history in its expanded context, Ian Ginsburg, and Henning Strassburger raise the question of the impact of globalization on local art. Is there Russian, German, American art these days and where the line between them can be drawn? The answer can be found in the parallels provided by the works of young artists.

For the second consecutive year, one of the exhibitors is awarded the Cosmoscow Stand Prize. This year the victory was shared by two galleries – HLAM and Osnova Gallery.

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2018: Ian Ginsburg, Henning Strassburger.

Cosmoscow 2018 Cosmoscow 2018 Cosmoscow 2018 Cosmoscow 2018

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