ART-O-RAMA Marseille, Mikhail Tolmachev: Re-locations

Re-locations is the result of a topographically accurate digital reenactment of the landscape, based on the diary entries of a Soviet soldier in Afghanistan, who secretly recorded the names of places and operations, he was involved in.

In 1991, his diary was published in the United States. This publication became a starting point for the project Re-Locations that looks at traumatic experiences of war through remediation of memories, and documents.

A 3-D model of the territory was created on a video-game engine, using topographic maps of the territory of Afghanistan, which the American armed forces produced to support the anti-Soviet resistance.

Mikhail Tolmachev explores the evolving status of the document and the political production of truth and reality. Mikhail collaborates with writers, historians, artists to explore the fractures of representation, attempting to manifest the use of structural violence. Mikhail studied photojournalism in Moscow and media art in Leipzig.

ART-O-RAMA Marseille, Mikhail Tolmachev: Re-locations

Title: Re-locations Material/technique:
Pigment print on archival paper Dimensions:
Series of 10 photos,
Edition: 5+2 ap