Art Berlin

Dear friends of the gallery,

We are thrilled to inform you that Osnova gallery will participate in the international fair Art Berlin, which this year will take place at the historical building of Tempelhof airport. The fair is held in the main program of Berlin Art Week, which annually attracts professionals and art enthusiasts from all over the world to the capital of Germany.

Art Berlin Art Berlin Art Berlin Art Berlin Art Berlin

Booth 2.B.6

Flughafen Tempelhof
Hangar 5 und 6
Tempelhofer Damm 45
12101 Berlin
U6 Paradestraße

At our stand, the works by Andrey Bogush, Bogdan Ablozhnyy, Oleg Dou and Yulia Spiridonova will be presented.

Andrey Bogush (b. 1987) is an artist known for his photography-based works, large installations and performative readings. Bogush explores the possibilities of digital methods of artwork production. His endless series ‘Proposals’ embodies the unlimited variety of working with photography. He shoots neutral objects, creating a narrative through digital processing: distortion, fragmentation, stratification and metamorphosis. Transformations of a digital image as code are endless, and imprints are the documentation of this process. The variety of materials and sizes of the print in Bogush’s works again reflects the constant branching of the ways of working with the image. In his artistic practice, he does not divide the idea and content, process and result.

Bogdan Ablozhnyy (b. 1994) is an emerging artist, who references writings, video installations, performances and sculpture in his practice as well as such specific genres as situation, black labour and unfinished novel, allowing for narrative and formal contradiction simultaneously encourage and impede identification. The artist’s project THAT WASN’T A GAME refers to the idea of plateau for action, thought, intimacy, perception and change. It was realized in a series of events and installments. Bogdan Ablozhnyy creates his works in an ad hoc manner, not tied to the methods and genres. His work is a visual embodiment of hypotheses and concepts, an analysis of the theoretical and critical discourse of modernity.

Oleg Dou’s (b. 1983) actual biography at some point will begin to convert into mythology in real time. Real characters that once contributed to the peculiar formation of Dou’s identity — as if to be commemorated, or on the contrary, in order to be punished — will be turned into mutants by the artist himself. With the help photography, sculpture and installation Dou will turn these people into magical creatures, various colour swatches and rags of faded sensations.

Yulia Spiridonova (b. 1986) is a contemporary artist who works with photography, archive images, and installation. She participated in a number of exhibitions in Russia, United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. Yulia graduated from The Moscow State University in 2008 and Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014.