Car mon pis et mon mieux Sont les

plus deserts lieux? **

** Because all my worst and all my best

are the most desert places? (fr.)


Border policemen are alarmed that several people from this group are having
passports issued on the same day. During an additional inspection, they find 100,000
rubles in the same envelopes at each, and one of them has a military ticket, an identity
disc of the Russian Armed Forces and a camouflage cloak.

Moscow, February 2017


I am being arrested
I am already arrested
to light a cigarette on a big square has never been a big crime

enigmatic confluence

forced unification or suppression of any feelings

do not take things from strangers
a board with missing persons war prison camps and prisons (singing)

the "Fortress" plan in Kitay-gorod dark car window
your ambivalence


frétillement, grues, pose un lapin, arrière-pensée etc*
*Wiggling, whores, stand someone up, afterthought etc (fr.)


the streets seem unthinkable wide
wider than the widest squares of the world barbarian settlements
the Mongols,
red barrows
demining land

earthen shafts
the hills the hills the hills (interspersed)

police squads shells OMON

and the sense of deception, humiliation of an individual and an attempt to shoot down the life from the chosen direction.
the Russian terrorism (I saw you, M.)

History circumscribes us and sets its limits it doesn’t determine what we are,
but what we are in the process
of differing from


Moscow streets at night interspersed with piles
military piles, war prisoners, OMON’s, riot squads



i look through the dark car window
to close my eyes or to open
i’ve already written three letters to one boy (that blue his eyes were longing, i ...)


but there still are those who sleep under the bridges, under the highways and near the train lines
i love them like never loved anyone

My eyes are dimmed with tears, i feel distant and feminine

...sooner or later you will be awake

Hatred and Remorse – these are the two main enemies