Raúl Díaz Reyes
Spanish artist and sculptor. Born, lives and works in Madrid.

In his work, the artist destroys all possible boundaries between artistic styles and shows a new approach to the perception of what surrounds us. The artist's works are inspired by the architecture of Sao Paulo, New York and Madrid: developing his unique language of sculptural abstraction and experimenting with a variety of materials, the author studies the image of the modern city, formed in the process of its construction and development as a habitat. Raul Diaz covers an aluminum sheet with paint and then imprints a photo on it depicting elements and repeating patterns from the cityscape, similar to an image generated by a computer. This seemingly traditional form of visual representation is linked to the digital aesthetics of post-Internet art.

His works have been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in Spain, USA, Germany, Brazil, Russia.
born in 1977 in Madrid, Spain.

Solo exhibitions
2019 Jardins, Ponce+Robles gallery, Madrid
2019 Vocabulary For Settling Vertigos, Raquel Arnaud gallery, São Paulo
2019 Dapple and Dazzle (with Colin Penno. Curated by Domenico de Chirico) Osnova Gallery, Moscow
2016 I’M THE PROBLEM Atelier Fidalga, São Paulo
2016 PATTERNS. Osnova Gallery. Moscow
2016 Tofiq House, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014 Renovations, Ponce+Robles Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2012 Archimede’s Principle, (with Santiago Morilla. Curated by Edu Hurtado) 3+1 Contemporary Art. Lisbon
2011 Intimate freaks, Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo
2010 Circuito de la Noche en Blanco (With La Gesta Imposible and Vitamina R. Curated by David Armengol) Madrid, Spain
2009 Un paseo entre el dibujo, la pintura y un mas alla, Centre of Contemporary Art (Curated by Virginia Torrente), Madrid, Spain
2008 Always in love, Alfara Gallery, Oviedo, Madrid
2008 Always in love, Brita Prinz Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Group exhibitions
2020 ARCO'19 (Ponce+Robles Gallery) Madrid
2019 Pinta Miami, Miami.(Ponce+Robles Gallery), Miami
2018 PARC’18, Lima
2018 Red ITINER (Curated by This is Jackalope) Travelling exhibition, Madrid
2018 ARCO’18 (Ponce+Robles Gallery) Madrid
2017 UNTITLED Art Fair Miami Beach. (Ana Mas Projects)
2017 Library of Love (Project curated by Sandra Cinto) CAC — Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
2017 Tell Me Net. Osnova Gallery, Moscow
2017 The Matter of Color. (Curated by Franck Marlot) Raquel Arnaud gallery São Paulo
2017 Art Lima (Ponce+Robles Gallery) Lima
2017 Kaptateka. Argunovskaya Library. Moscow
2016 VOLTA 12. Basel. (Ponce+Robles Gallery)
2016 ARCO’16, галерея Ponce+Robles
2016 Raquel Arnaud Gallery, Sao Paulo
2016 Ponce+Robles Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2015 VOLTA 11, International Fair of Contemporary Art, Art Basel,  Ponce+Robles Gallery
2015 Vidas Cruzadas, Alonso Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2015 De la mano, Centro, Madrid, Spain
2014 Si no todas las armas, los canones, Centre of Contemporary Art Matadero, Madrid, Spain
2014 Tangentes (Curated by Cristina Anglada), IED, Madrid, Spain
2014 El Ranchito, Centre of Contemporary Art PIVÔ, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014 VOLTA 9, International Fair of Contemporary Art, Art Basel, Ponce+Robles 2014 ARCO’14, As Tables are Shelves, Multiplos Gallery
2013 Open Studio, LMCC, New-York, USA
2013 High society (Curated by Fernando Gomez de la Cuesta), Pelaires, Palma de Mallorca
2013 VOLTA 9, Art Basel, Pro Gallery
2013 SP Arte, International Art Fair,  Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2013 Une Vie A La Gomme, +R Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2013 Casa Arte, Madrid, Spain
2013 No hay Banda, Matadero, Madrid, Spain
2013 ARCO’13,  Paddle8 Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2013 Blue 7 Phenomenon, Sant Andreu Contemporarni Art, Barcelona, Spain
2013 Biblioteca Intervenida, DAFO, Lleida, Spain
2013 Archimovile, ICI, New-York, USA
2013 JUSTMAD MAM, Art Basel / Art Basel Miami, Jose Robles Gallery
2012 Suporte/ Leilao de Parede, Centre of Contemporary Art PIVÔ, Copan, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012 100% Desvan, Sant Andreu Contemporarni Art, Barcelona, Spain
2012 Let Stock About Art, Palacio El Imparcial, Madrid, Spain
2012 Los Inmutables, DAFO, Leida, Spain
2012 12th International Fair of Contemporary Art Gas Natural Fenosa,MACUF, La Coruna, Spain
2012 Masquelibros,  José Robles Gallery , Madrid, Spain
2012 Art Fair SWAB, masART Gallery
2012 SP Arte, Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo,Brazil
2012 Explum, International Contemporary Art Award, Puerto Lumbreras
2012 ARCO’12, masART Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2012 Circuitos (Curated by Javier Hontoria), Madrid, Spain
2011 Escala 1:1, Matadero Contemporary Art Center, Madrid, Spain
2011 Tempo Forte, Casa das Caldeiras, Sao Paulo
2011 Biblioteca Intervenida, Santander, Spain
2011 Wallpaper, Art & Design Galllery, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Quarto das Maravilhas, Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2011 SWAB, masART Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Harizonte Vazado, Cervantes Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2011 La Fabula Mistica (Curated by David Armengol), masART Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Arts Libris. Barcelona, Spain
2010 SP Arte, Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazi;
2010 La trama Invisible, Centre of Contemporary Art Moderno, Madrid, Spain
2010 The Art Books Project, Esquina Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2010 Gregorio Prieto Drawing Prize, Sala La Lonja, Madrid
2009 La ropa Sucia se lava en casa, Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2009 De Madrid, el Suelo, Sofia street Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 Inaugural Exhibit, Art: Raw Gallery, New-York, USA
2009 Perrera, Arturo Herrera Cabanas Foundation, Pachuca, Mexico
2009 Hacerlo Solo No Es Lo Mismo, Espacio Menosuno, Madrid, Spain
2009 Cincuenta y la Madre, Alfara Gallery, Oviedo, Spain
2008 Domestico’08, Madrid, Spain
2008 D1NaCER, Sala zuloaga Fuendetodos, Spain
2008 Bon a tirer 17/10, Cultural Center EL CBA, Madrid, Spain
2008 V Exposicion de Donaciones de Obra Graphica, National Library: 1998-2002,Madrid, Spain
2008 Carmen Arozena International Graphic Award, Malaga
2007 Triangel ein Grafikprojekt, Vienn-Madrid, Rhin, Germany
2007 Textual, Casa Duró, Мьерес; Art school,Oviedo ; CMAE, Aviles, Spain
2007 LAUS Award, ADG-FAD, Барселона, Spain 2007 Estampa 07, administartion of Palm Island, Spain
2007 Aprender a Mirar, Retiro, Madrid, Spain
2007 De Madrid, el Suelo,  Offlimits and Espacio F, Madrid, Spain

Prizes and awards
2020 Premio KUNA, ARCO 2020
2018 Second Prize V Ankaria Foundation Artist Book Award
2018 Aid for Artistic Creation Comunidad de Madrid
2016 Paulo Reis Residency. Atelier Fidalga, São Paulo
2014 Grant AECID, El Ranchito/ MATADERO Madrid/ PIVO
2013 Grant of Ministry of Culture of Spain
2012 Finalist Swab Drawing Prize
2011 Grant of Ministry of Culture of Spain
2011 Circuitos Foundation, Madrid
2010 Grant Hangar, Casa das Caldeiras, Sao Paulo
2010 Grant for Contemporary Creation Matadero, Madrid, Spain
2010 Honourable mention Carmen Arozena, International Graphic Award
2009 Grant International Creators Movility,  Emma Thomas Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2009 Production of Plastic Art, MAdrid, Spain
2008 Grant Arte y Derecho Fundation “The Art Books Project”,
2008 Call Sala de Exposiciones Centro de Arte Joven, Madrid, Spain
2007 Honourable mention Carmen Arozena International Graphic Award
2006 First Prize Artistic Intervention In New Subway station, Madrid, Spain
2006 Second Prize Fotografia Direccion General de Igualdad de Oportunidades de la Comunida, Madrid, Spain
2004 Art Acquisition Foundation, Collection of Contemporary Art BBVA Foundation 2003 First Prize Jovenes Creadores National Award, Calcografia National, Madrid, Spain 2001 First Prize in Graphic Art Award
2003 First Prize Jóvenes Creadores National Award, Calcografía Nacional, Madrid.
2001 First Prize Graphic Art Award San Lorenzo del Escorial.

2015 Tofiq House Residence, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2014 Omnivoros Studio
2013 Swing Space, LMCC, New-York, USA
2011 FAAP Art Residency, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation, Mallorca, Spain Calcografía Nacional, Madrid, Spain
Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Museum of Contemporaru Art, Madrid, Spain Collection of Contemporary Art,Art BBVA, Madrid, Spain National Library Madrid, Spain
Spanich centre, New-York
Real Casa de la Moneda Foundation, Madrid, Spain
Sam Lorenzo City Government Fund, Madrid, Spain
 Comunicació Gráfica Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
Kloster Bentlage Foundation, Rayne, Germany
TEG, Guatemala
Collection of Contemporary Art of Administration of Madrid
Collection of Contemporary Art of Michael Jackson, Los Angeles, USA