Margo Trushina
Lives and works in London and Moscow.

Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, Moscow Institute of contemporary art, Moscow state University named after M. Lomonosov (faculty of journalism, Department of photography).
Margo calls the Russian avant-garde her source of inspiration: utopian ideas captivate Margot as an object of desire, reflection: memory and doubt, comprehension through the prism of history. Margo Trushina explores metaphors and ways of interacting with the environment through light installations, sculpture, photography and interventions. Plants, metals, wood - and found objects, ready-made: so the artist contrasts organic and artificial, intentionally created – and forms her "fragile worlds".

In her work, Margo Trushina explores the intersection of bioart and new feminist materialist ethics.
Her living sculptures and environments reflect upon recent discoveries in neuroscience, biotechnology and ecology through the lens of personal experience. In resonance with posthumanist turn in critical and political theory, the artist rediscovers more- than-human agencies within her own body undergoing physiological transformations. Interested in immediate and often obscured interactions between human and nonhuman actors, she redefines her notion of the self through the relationship with radical others at the intimate level, where the boundaries between her flesh and that of the world are porous, opened to new mutualistic alliances.

In tune with speculative ethics of care, Trushina pursues direct interspecies relationships as her way to address current environmental challenges — sea-level rise, species extinction, outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, pathologic gene mutations. The artist offers a subjective material vision of these problems by tying together substances of different nature — from steel and neon to corals and breast milk. Her fictional environments and sculptures reflect habitats and bodies affected by climate change yet still breathing, therefore calling for an ethical response.

Engaging with the diversity of agents entangled and intertwined with each other and their surroundings, she makes visible a variety of transcorporeal imprints in the bodies of others — humans and other animals, plants, water, light, soil, stones and fossils. To this purpose, she creates situations of intensive proximity to the other, allowing viewers to experience the transformative potential of actual and imagined touch (haptic visuality). In the artist’s view, such interactions actualise almost neglected communication trajectories and promise to inspire new forms of perception, similar to what Laura U. Marks calls empathic nonunderstanding.

Participant of II and III Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, III Moscow international Biennale of young art, land art festival Archstoyanie, art festival cosmos. Her works have been exhibited in Turin, Berlin, London, as well as in Moscow museums and Russian art-residences. Winner of the British Embassy grant, Margot is twice winner of the Golden Camera of the year competition. Participant of art fairs: Art Moscow, London Art Fair. In 2015, the artist was a finalist for the UK national prize for sculpture-Broomhill National Sculpture Prize.
born in 1981 in Moscow
Lives and works in London,UK.

2017-2020 Royal College of Art, MA Sculpture, London, UK
2009-2010 Chelsea College of Art and Design, Master of Fine Arts, London, UK
2008-2009 Chelsea College of Art and Design, Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts, London, UK
2006-2007 ICA, Moscow
2006 Russian-Swedish Summer School of Contemporary Art (Woland & ICA summer school)
1998-2003 Moscow State University, BA in Journnalism

2019 - Continious Regenerations, Shanghai, China
2019 - Constructed situations, Venice, Italy
2019 – OXYTOCIN, solo show, Osnova Gallery, Moscow
2019 – Alchemistry, SPHER IK, Tulum, Mexico
2019 – Equinox / Light Cure, Exposed Art Projects, London
2018Alignments, IK LAB, Tulum, Mexico
2017How can one tell Artist from her Art, VII Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art, parallel program
2017Cloud, Strelka institute, Moscow
2016-WHEN AIR BECOMES BREATH, Osnova Gallery, Moscow
2016 - Theory of Waves, Tretyakov state gallery, Moscow
2015-TOMORROW THAT NEVER WAS, Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art, Special Project
2015 - ROCK GARDEN FOR RITUAL WITHOUT THE MYTH,Broomhill sculpture park, Devon, UK;
2015 - FLOWER/POWER,solo show, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow;
2015 – BORDERLINES, solo show, Erarta Gallery, Moscow;
2014 - LIGHT FANTASTIC, House of the Nobleman,London;
2013 – V Moscow Biennalle for Contemporary Art, parallel programm:Reforma;
2013 – Summer Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London;
2013 – FORMA, public art commission, Moscow;
2013 – The New Age of Aquarius, Duve Gallery, Berlin;
2012 - New Re-Visions at NEO, London;
2012 - Platform 79, Berlin;
2012 – The III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2012 Main project. Under A Tinsel Sun;
2012 – Special program The III Moscow International Bienalle for Young Art 2012. Curatora project. ARTICULATION;
2012 – SUBLIME AND INSTRUCTION solo show; Salon Vert Gallery, London, UK;
2012 – MAMM, Moscow;
2012 - Russian Cosmos, Museum of Contemporary Art, Turin, Italy;
2011 - THE RETURN, The house of the Nobleman, London;
2011 – London Art Fair, Special projects;
2011 - The Sexual Object, Salon Vert, London;
2010 - Time, Forward!,IPCA Moscow, Russia;
2010 - And where was..., Salon Vert,London;
2010 - Your Higher plane awaits, Chelsea College, London;
2010 – Archstoyanie Land-art and sculpture park, Moscow, Russia ;
2010 – Condensation group show, London, UK;
2010 – Keep going and carry on..., group show, Triangle Space, London, UK;
2010 – Archeology of subject/object,group show, Brick Gallery, London, UK;
2009 - Invisible means of support, Rochelle School, London;
2009 –Collision,group show, 77 Gallery, London;
2009 - Interim show, Sold Out, London;
2007 – General Filling, XI; International art fair ART MOSCOW, Moscow;
2007 –«Matter & Memory», II Moscow Bienalle of Contemporary Art, Moscow;
2006 – The Ctrl+X files, XI International art fair ART MOSCOW, Moscow;
2005 – «Deep Adventure », Moscow;
2005 – «Movement»,  3D photosculpture, Photoroom, Moscow;
2004 – Art Festival ART Space, Moscow.

2020 Ruinart Art Patronat grant, Russia
2015 - Broomhill National Sculpture Prize finalist, UK
2006 British Embassy grant
2003 Golden Photocamera of the Year
2000 Golden Photocamera of the Year