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Paruyr Davtyan: Waiting room

16 May 17 - 11 June 17

The first exhibition in Osnova gallery by Paruyr Davtyan is dedicated to expectation and observation. Most of human being is lasting in anticipation and quiescence. The museums, the epicenters of immovability, become a source of both inspiration and imprecation.

The artist keeps watch over art pieces in museum halls just as an ornithologist observes birds. All history of art becomes a survey coverage for an artist, and suddenly thousands of miles of the exhibition halls begin to twinkle, fusing into one museum. Sensitivity of color, close to falling down, pulses and spontaneously slip into figurative sculpture, born by history of art. All shapes collide silently, converting each other into a colorful fog and the artist just as wirewalker passes above this endless ocean.

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