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Ilya Kukushkin Mikhail Gulin «Visual synthesis»

23/09/2014 - 12/10/2014

At the exhibition "Visual synthesis" you can see, how completely different artists use the most significant and recognizable art movements in Russian art history for disclosure actual topics. It can be sexuality in consumption or gay-propaganda.

Every artist has individual manner of using art movements of the 20th century beginning. Mikhail Gulin's appeal to minimalism, constructivism and suprematism became single project "Minimal Sexual". Using these movements, the artist strengthens an absurdity and a paradoxicality of approach, which gives sexual signs to cars or washing machines. This approach admits, that by means of erotica it's easy to sell floor paint or baby soap.

Different avant-garde art movements — the basis of Ilya Kukushkin's creation, which he started to strengthen in class of Professor Rissa in Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

There he discovered for himself figurative constructivism. Color planes into space of the picture construct an object and deconstruct its towards abstractions. Light force of his compositions is created due to synthesis of neighboring color planes and is achieved by monochrome of picturesque layer.

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