January 20 - February 22, 2015

Osnova Gallery presents the first personal project Sasha Pichushkin - Ghostly.

The artist explores the themes of minimalism and abstraction in his works, while finding new methods and making unexpected discoveries. His works require the viewer’s scrutiny. During the exhibition, the works will be shown in such a way that would create an abstract world. So each work will tell its own story. Work arrangement is very signficant. The main idea is to place the works randomly in a chaotic way instead of a classical museu, show. This technique creates the effect of exploration; a visitor will need to move closer to a work, to raise his head somehow, or to find differences between two works.

Inspiration is the undefined substance, where the surrounding reality has little effect and is not associated with the final work. Ghostly thinks that an artist should create even in the four stone walls with no windows and doors, they must itself be a source of art and generate new ideas. Theirs is an idea at the beginning; an artist’s looking for the light and the goals. Malevich and Suprematism with its denial of figurative art have always been the ideal for Ghostly.

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