25oct-25dec 2016
In “Lonely Narcissus” the key artistic ambition of Dou is to merge all the processes that constitute his self-identification — both as a human-being and as an artist — in a singular hyper-process. In this ideal super-process the actions performed by Dou-the-Artist will be indivisible from the actions of Dou-the-Human in respect to both their conceptual and mundane components. The unwanted division between public and private life will be also eliminated. Consequently, everything that is to be happening with Dou himself will be simultaneously real and dreamlike, important and unimportant, pronounced and disclosed; simultaneously relevant and irrelevant to life and art merged together. The actual biography of Oleg Dou at some point will begin to convert into mythology in real time. Real characters that once contributed to the peculiar formation of Dou’s identity — as if to be commemorated, or on the contrary, in order to be punished — will be turned into mutants by the artist himself. With the help photography, sculpture and installation Dou will turn these people into magical creatures, various colour swatches and rags of faded sensations. Everything here will be shameless and beautiful. To love. Unicorns. Skin. Hatred. Berries and beauty-spots. Pain and porcelain. Shady blue… Everything here will be simultaneously Dou.

14 Sept 2016 – 10 Oct 2016
Osnova Gallery is pleased to announce A Great Sum (In Parts), curated by Yulia Spiridonova and co­organized by the creators of A New Nothing, Ben Alper and Nat Ward.

Jun 28th – Sep 11th
As a part of the parallel program of the 5th International Biennale of Young Arts, Osnova Gallery is proud to present When Air Becomes Breath — the solo exhibition of works by Margo Trushina, curated by Sasha Burkhanova. The exhibition will include the recent works by Trushina produced in her studio in London, bringing together the majority of mediums and techniques utilised by the author: sculpture, light installation, photography, sound.

26 May – 26 June, 2016
Osnova Gallery is presenting the new show of emergent artist Vitaly Barabanov. In the project The Practise of Plein-air the artist conceptualize the relationships of art and nature. The works created in the open air are the evidence of creative process not from the ‘outside’, but from the ‘inside’ of the nature.

For his first solo exhibition in Russia, Spanish artist Raul Diaz Reyes has developed two distinct bodies of work. Inspired by his research into the architectures of São Paulo, New York and Madrid, Diaz Reyes began processing the image of the city as a genre that documents construction and habitation, developing a unique language of sculptural abstraction, while employing a variety of materials.

28.01.2016 - 28.02.2016
Dunya Zakharova creates penetrated by solitude forms. She acts as a scientist entomologist, who impales feelings and memories on pins. Objects, which seem abstract at first sight, attain an emotional tone in her art practice. It is a combination of loneliness, tenderness, melancholy and secret desires.

11/12/2015 – 24/01/2016
Andrey Bogush will hold his very first solo exhibition in Russia at Osnova gallery.