Dunya Zakharova
Russian artist. Born in Yakutia, lives and works in Moscow.

The main motive of Dunya Zakharova's creativity is giving emotional coloring to abstract forms. Emotions of interest to the artist are diverse. This loneliness and suffering caused by extreme weather conditions, and, at the same time, tenderness and love. All these States of the human soul are dissected with the precision of a scientist-entomologist and decomposed into components.

All Dunya's works are distinguished by the thoroughness of work with the material, the purpose of which is the maximum expressiveness of the finished object. The images that eventually appear in the works seem like fantastic creatures from fairy tales, dreams or our unconscious fears. There seems to be some hidden threat in them, but the very placement of these creatures in the space of the exhibition "disinfects" them and turns them into safe objects for viewing.

In her work, the artist combines installation, sculpture, video, music, drawing, embroidery, painting and performance, addressing pagan roots, mental disorders, sexual perversions.
Solo exhibitions
2020 Untitled, ART fair, Osnova gallery San Francisco, USA
2019 Hysteria, Museum АRТ4, Moscow, Russia
2019 Hysteria-2, Osnova gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 – 77,8°C, Osnova gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 Extinct species, Osnova gallery, Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions
2019 Recycle or die, ГУМ-Redline, Moscow, Russia
2019 Periodically changing table of Russian Artists, AZOT Gallery, Cube.Moscow Moscow, Russia
2019 Blissful islands, Derbenev Center, Ivanovo, Russia
2017 Tell me net, Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 Hooray! Sculpture! Manege CEH, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 Under the pressure— RTR Gallery, Paris, France
2016 Hooray! Sculpture! Winzavod contemporary art centre, Moscow, Russia
2010 Contes Russes — EXPRMNTL Galerie, Toulouse, France
2010 Russian Tales — EXPRMNTL Galerie, Toulouse, France
2009 Russian fairy tales told by the Woman— RTR Gallery, Paris, France
2009 Contes Russes — Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble
2008 «You're an artist!» — Art4.ru — Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

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2018 – «I drew everything that came to my mind»: children about contemporary art – AfishaDaily
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2015 – Dunya Zakharova – Fashion artist – First women site of Yakutia
2013 – Smart and beautiful – Bang! Bang!