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Soft and dusty colors of Yelena Popova’s abstract paintings which appealing to the art of Soviet Constructivism is the basis of her style. Popova is experimenting with compound of paints. The main feature of it is transparency (Balance of Probabilities, 2011). The installations are often includes round-shaped and rectangular canvases which opposed to each other on the symbolism of form but complement each other in composition.

Popova’s paintings are made for long discussion with different points of view, they can’t be passed by viewer just with a quick glance.

Artist explores themes of contrasts, harmony and balance, both in the aesthetic and in the metaphysical field. They are manifested not only in paintings and installations but also in the video. "Videos are crucial because they ask the same questions as the paintings but at different levels." Popova does not answer the questions in her works but ask them. She affects such topics as consumption of art, communication image of artwork of and the real artwork.
One of the most successful Russian-born artists living in London Popova often reflects the heritage of the Soviet and Russian artists and the history of Russia.

Yelena Popova was born in Russia in 1978. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, now lives and works in London.