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Vitaliy Barabanov (born in 1986, Zagorsk) is an artist and animal psychologist. With the use of different media in his works Barabanov focuses on studying potential of painting and sculpture. Graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts and Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art “Baza”.

Initially looking at the traditional sculpture in a critical way, Barabanov develops the idea of a living work of art. His aim is to create a project about the three components which are essential for any kind of life – water, light, and warmth. the exhibition will include living sculptures – the plants that the artist has grown during the year. Having received a traditional art education, Vitaly is striving to create a comfort zone for the plants and viewers alike and so conscientiously goes in the opposite direction. Painting in this project is like a path of water going through the pigments of three basic colours which leaves marks on the textiles. the result is living works of art – abstractions. Barabanov unfurls the process, showing the effects of nature through performative action which can be compared with a religious rite where he doesn’t affect the result. Together with the living plants there are also dead ones that died as a result of insufficient care and became something like monuments. Filled with plaster like sarcophagi they make visible the dependence on relationships, showing us what we don’t see - the beauty on the brink of death.


Group exhibition

Sandra Cinto, Carla Chaim, Albano Afonso, Carlos Nunes, Ding Musa.

27.06 - 18.07.2017
22.08 - 10.09.2017


-    System of simple or complex signs agreed to enable the transmission and / or concealment of messages;
-    The convention is established between parties, a tenuous agreement with the amount of abstraction necessary for the code to be intelligible;
-    Pre-established with parameters agreed with the intention that the essential message is not lost;
-    Image, word, letter, number used to represent, identify and control the members of a certain set, according to the pre-established classification.

The idea of the exhibition is to work on issues inherent to the concept of the Code, presented above, seeking, from the individual research of each artist, points of contact that evidence the existence of common universes and shares that make sense in different spaces such as Brazil, Russia or any other.
Through their works, the artists propose a reflection on the elasticity of the concept and possibilities of intersections and even failures and differences of language systems.

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