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Nika Neelova’s work explores the notion of hypothetical posthuman landscapes, evolving from references to geophilosophy, historical non-linearity, and a desire to imagine objects involved with processes beyond the register of the human. Often addressing themes of catastrophe and the probability of apocalyptic scenarios, the sculptures take form of ruins or dysfunctional replicas of daily objects. The pieces expose material processes involved in translating existing objects into other mediums, decoding and recoding them into a new existence, enacting the processes that were used to shape them in the first place, altering their internal structures and eliminating their purposes. Liberating objects from their meaning, the works generate sculptural strategies that expose them as the modified fossils and techno-artefacts of a human dominated environment.Stepping into a hypothetical posthuman existence, the deconstructed forms recreate a landscape in ruin - where architecture of a once occupied environment merges with its surrounding nature dissolving the boundaries between the two.

Driven by the interest in the immediate questions surrounding the nature of ecological and urban development and the environmental consequences of humanity acting as a geophysical force on the planet, the works often inhabits a fictional zone where objects have developed according to different laws suggestive of the possible dissolution of our attachment to reality.

Nika Neelova was born in Moscow in 1987. Now based in London, UK.

Selected Collections:
DRAF David Roberts Art Foundation Collection, London; Saatchi Gallery Collection, PERMM Museum of Modern Art Collection, Museum Biedermann Collection, Santorini Museum of Modern Art, Modern Forms Collection, Beth de Woody Collection, Jason Martin Collection, Levett Collection, Land Securities Collection, Windsor & Newton Collection, private collections in UK, the Netherlands, France, USA, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Germany