Jannis Markopoulos is an Artist working in paintings, installations, objects, performances. He was born in 1962 in Greece. Graduated from art colleague in Soloniki then moved to Berlin, where he got Bachelor of Arts in art university of Berlin. Today Jannis is a constant participant of international art fairs, he hold over ten personal exhibitions all over the world.

Solo Exhibitions

- Adapting, Brettwesley gallery, Las Wegas
- Adapting, Galery Irrgang, Leipzigs
- ART-Hallucination, UF6 Projects, Berlin Germany
- Displacing in the time line, Kwanhoongallery, Seoul Korea
- Art transparences, Gallery Cream Art, Milano Italy
- Art illusions, VHS, Schwetzingen, Germany
- Art-Hallucinations, Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
- Oraton te ke aoraton eikonopoiisi, Galerie Titanium, Athens
- Museum life, ARTCURATOR.RU gallery, Moscow, Russia
- Französische Meisterwerke des 19 Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung Des Meteropolitan Museum of 2007 Art New York,    Neue National gallery, Berlin
- Gominolas Y azucar Jelly and Sugar 2, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid Spain
- Goya Project, Trafico de Arte Gallery, Leon
- New Paintings, Kwanhoon gallery, Seoul Korea
- Hovering, the vacuum cleaner    Life Performance, Cijon Spain
- liquid and melted, Gallerie Dolores de Sierra, Madrid Spain
- Phainomenon 1,  Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, USA
- Goya, Prophet of the Modern with Life Performance in der National galerie Old National Gallery, Berlin
- Liquid and Melted, Gallery Dolores Sierra, Madrid
- Jelly and Sugar, “Círculo de Bellas Artes“, Madrid
- The Rapist, Gallery “luke & a”
- The Rapist, “Rape of London”, Exhibition in London
- Fly Dr Cocounut, project Kenia
- Volley Banana, project    Kenia
- Works from the series “Tupperware”, fabric Triennale “Tempus Arti 2003”, Belgium
- Works from the past 10 Years, One-man-show in the SWR Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
- Works from the cycle “Sophisticated Art”, Greece
- The Sling, 2nd prize of the First International Biennial of Austria
- (without title) Participation at a group project with coasters    The Coaster Project, Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, USA
- Tribute to Gauguin, New National Gallery of Art, Berlin
- Tribute to Lyonel Feininger, New National Gallery of Art, Berlin
- Italian Embassy, Berlin
- Riding on the Swell, Gallery Hohenthal & Bergen, Berlin
- Eat me baby 1    Performance: the brain of a man is being eaten while the victim yells “eat me baby” (with video), Berlin, Germany
- Eat me baby 2    Performance: a man lying a table offers his guts to the guests of the restaurant, Berlin, Germany
- Entelechia    Installation    Bad Liebspring, Germany
- Dorotheenstraße 105 – The Binding huge Installation: old house, bound with 52.000 metres rope    Dorotheenstraße, Berlin
- Dorotheenstraße 105 – The Binding (Photos), One-Man-Show in the Infobox at the Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
- The Binding-Gulliver    Installation: shipwreck on the beach, bound „Zakynthos Arte Athens 3“, Athens, Greece
- Brackstedter Mill    Installation: old mill, bound    Wolfsburg, Germany
- Between Man and Animal Installation: Chairs and Table with animal-preparations in glass containers, plates with colour pigments Ministry of Health, Berlin
- The Climber,  Installation: with a balloon in a church, Parochial-church, Berlin
- The human rights of sapience    Gallery Loulou Lasard    Berlin, Germany
- Entelechia    Gallery Pleiades    Athens, Greece
- (without title)    Gallery Christoph Weber    Berlin, Germany
- (selection)    House of Culture Spandau    Berlin, Germany
- Different one-man-shows with paintings and installations House of Culture Marchwitza    Potsdam, Germany
- Anthropos, Performance: man in a zoo-cage (out of the series “living pictures”), Elephant house, Zoo of Berlin

Group  Exhibitions

1998    Sirens    Videoprojection    Group exhibition, Behala Speicher, Berlin, Germany
2000    Akrithakis, Kaniaris, Tsoklis, Arfaras, Buronikos, Markopoulos, Psichopaidis.    EXPO 2000, Kunsthaus Kubus, Hannover
2002    chaos    Installations    London Bishopsgate goodsyard
2003    The rape of Europe    Installation    A galley London
2003    M1    Digital pictures    Group exhibition: “Landscapes in Perspective, Athens, Greece
2004    A Drop of Dust, A Grain of Water    Videoproject    Group exhibition, Berliner Kunstprojekt
2004    Idyll    Installation    Liverpool Biennale
2004    A Drop of Dust, A Grain of Water II    Videoproject    London Biennale
2005    100 Artists for a Museum    Video, performance, installation    Casoria International Contemporarey Art Museum , Napel, Italy
2006    Phainomenon 1    Installation    Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, USA
2006    Phainomenon 2    Installation    Triennale Tempus Arti, Belgium
2006    Phainomenon 3    Installation    2. International Biennale Austria
2006    Goya, Prophet of the Modern    Videoinstallation    ARCO 2006, ART.ES Madrid Spain
2006    Hovering, the vacuum cleaner    Life Performance, exhibition and independent artists at the festival    Cijon- Spain
2007    Eroticism    Videoinstallation,painting    Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea
2007    - without title-    Paintings, Objects, Video, Installations.    Kwanhoongallery Seoul Korea
2008    Phainomenon    Paintings, Objects    Art Olympics, Beigin, China
2009    Second Life first life    Paintings    Galerie T40, Düsseldorf, Germany
2009        Paintings    K. Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
2009    Pink city    Paintings    Seoul, Korea
2010    Seung-ho    Paintings Installations    Seoul, Korea
2011    OS Gallery    Paintings    OS Gallery Seoul, Korea
2011    ARIA Gallery Florence    Paintings    Ny USA Donuld Trump C
2011    ART ILLUSIONS    Paintings    Rarity Gallery Mykonos
2011    Animalisch    Paintings    Galerie Klose, Essen

Art Fairs

- Berliner Liste, ARTCURATOR.RU gallery,  Moscow, Rusia
- Art Innsbruck, Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
- Kiaf, Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
- Berliner Liste, ARTCURATOR.RU gallery,  Moscow, Rusia
- BLOOOME COLOGNE, UF6 Projects Berlin Germany
- Art Athina, Solo presentation, Titanium Gallery, Art Athina Athens Greece
- Scope Ny, Kwanhoon gallery Seoul korea
- Kiaf, Gallerie Klose  Essen, Germany
- Scope, Scope, Basel, Switzerland
- ArtFair 21,  Kwanhoon Gallery, Cologne  Germany
- Kiaf, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul Korea2008    Kiaf    Paintings    Kiaf, Kwanhoon Gallery Seoul Korea
- Art Fair 21    Drawings, Kwanhoon Gallery, Cologne Germany
- Bousan art fair, Kwanhoon Gallery, Korea