Dasha Kudinova


Born in 1982. Graduated from Moscow National Institute of Design and continued studying in the United States. Worked as a fashion-photographer and assisted many famous artists such as – Shimon Okshteyn, Robert Whitman, Liset Castillo and others. This experience had a significant influence on Dasha Kudinova’s art and on the development of her drawing technique.

Dasha creates multidimensional abstract works – figurative paintings with unknown dreamy worlds. Her works charm with its natural beauty, unusual forms and sophisticated motives. Dasha tries to employ diaphanous structures’ abilities in order to show the intensity of colors of her paintings’ background. Those artworks feature fixed period of time which has its past and future. Besides, the viewer can notice how some forms and elements transform, deepen their colors, gradually get out of sight and dissolve into substances.

Installations are also major figures in Dasha’s art. It is ephemeral constructions with sophisticated structures and texture. They are created with big variety of materials, such as – resin, plastic toys, package, wires, CD disks, fabric, etc. Dasha tries to put on the base of the concept of her installations the idea of how the image of multidimensional painting can cross the line of its “Universe” and appear in our reality.

When Dasha constructs her artworks she prefers to experiment with forms and texture. She can strenuously transform objects until she will receive a desired result – “I have a target to make a very special form which will not associate with something that exists in our world, but which will live its own life and seem real.”

Dasha Kudinova
Dasha Kudinova «Inverse transformation»

Dasha Kudinova

b. 1982 in Amur region, Russia.


2000 – 2004
Department of Graphic Design, Moscow National Institute of Design

Selected Solo-exhibitions

“New works”, Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Reverse Transformation, Osnova Gallery, Moscow

Paintings, Venet-Haus Galerie, Ulm, Germany

Art Zurich International, Go 4art gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
Forms of reality, Weekend gallery, Moscow

Paintings, Mars Centre for Contemporary art, Moscow

Selected Group-shows

Exhibition, Moscow Museum of modern art, vladey, Moscow, Russia

A Posteriori* Ural Vision Gallery, Yekaterinburg, Russia

“Exhibition”, Auction of contemporary art VLADEY, Moscow, Russia

The Universe by Malevich, Central House of Architect, Moscow
Berliner Liste, Osnova Gallery Booth, Berlin, Germany
VLADEY Russian contemporary art auction, pre auction show, Moscow

Exhibition 02, 25 Kadr gallery, Moscow

About Transparency, 4-th Moscow Biennale for contemporary art, Moscow
Art Christmas, 2-nd International festival of arts, Moscow
Art Moscow 2013, Art and Space gallery, Munich, Germany
Annual group show, Go4 art gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

The Dream of the Red Chamber, White Box Gallery, New York, USA
Silent Auction, Black and white project space, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Mixed Media exhibited in flat files, Pirogy gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Palm Beach Art Fair, Stux gallery, Florida, USA

Participation in fairs

Cosmoscow (2017)
Berliner liste (2014)
Art zurich (2012)
Art moscow (2013,2011)
Palm beach (2009)

Participation in the Biennale

2017 4th Ural industrial Biennale of contemporary art
2015 6th Moscow international Biennale of contemporary art
2011 4th Moscow international Biennale of contemporary art

In the rating ” Top 100 young authors»
In private collections USA, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Germany / Werner Schneider Collection


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