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In his practice, Bogdan Ablozhnyy references writings, video installations, performances and sculpture as well as such specific genres as situation, black labour and unfinished novel, allowing for narrative and formal contradiction simultaneously encourage and impede identification. In his 0-landscape (2015) exhibition Ablozhnyy analyzes contemporary desires, physical alienation and mostly the state of modernity or supermodernity referring the book of Mark Auger Non-places. Introduction to supermodernity. According to Auger, supermodernity put on the stream production of the "non-places" – universal, non-anthropological spaces of communication, consumption and circulation with accelerated time, spaces, erasing an identity of the subject immersed in them. In this exhibition-hypothesis, Ablozhnyy analyzes the new state of the present through a landscape image of the non-place and questions – what can be an environment in the era of hyperconsumption, hypercommunication and superspeed.

Working on the THAT WASN’T A GAME project, that refers to the idea of plateau for action, thought, intimacy, perception and change and that was realized in a series of events and installments, Ablozhnyy became a recipient of the Writings and Research residency at Interstate Projects, NY. Through experimenting with this project and using its scenario as first drafts Ablozhnyy is working on his book Ideas on Relative Motion. Bogdan Ablozhnyy lives and works in Saint Petersburg and Frankfurt am Main.


Your Foreign Lands (2016) film, 28 min

Untitled (2016) film, 10 min

Phonenumbers (2017) video, 3:40 min, 1:40 min