Andrey Bogush
Visual artist. Born in St. Petersburg, currently lives and works in Helsinki.

The work is Andrey Bogush is what many critics call "the New Formalism". They are collages of photos processed in Photoshop. Andrey modifies his works into something that partially resembles abstract painting, created from diagrams, vector shapes and patterns. The artist intuitively connects digital levels into one single image that negates any possible limitations in modern photography.

Works by Andrey Bogush have been exhibited at the Finnish Museum of photography in Helsinki (2016), the Tate Modern in London (2014), the Kunsthalle in Helsinki (2015), the Chelsea Art Museum in new York (2011), the Einar Jonsson Museum in Reykjavik (2014), as well as galleries in Milan, Zurich, 2014, bogus did a series of works commissioned by Prada.
born in 1987
visual artist, born in Saint-Petersburg, lives and works in Helsinki.

Time and Space Arts BFA/MFA, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
Psychology BA, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

Solo and two-personal shows
2020 Butterfly Gina (To make love with drones), Ars Libera Gallery, Kuopio, Finland
2020 (with Nikita Alexeev) Why this moon? Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2020 (with Sinaida Michalskaja) Zwei Schwestern, Zarinbal-Khoshbakht Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2018 -which package would be good for u to love me? with Kristina Sedlerova, Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland
2017 Decades, with Bogdan Ablozhnyy, Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 When Everything Is Over So We Can Discuss, The Finnish Museum Of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
2016 I'll Be Back In A Moment, with Rashid Uri, Bid Project Gallery, Milan, Italy
2015 Proposals, Osnova Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2014 Fontaine De Andrey Bogush, VTT, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Structure, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Lagoon, VTT, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Banana Pyramid, VTT, Helsinki, Finland
2011 Melancholia. Mobile, with Saga Vuorisalo, Kanava Gallery, Imatra, Finland
2011 Melancholia. Johdanto, with Saga Vuorisalo, Super Gallery, Imatra, Finland
2007 Invention, Fotodepartament, LICCAM, Saint Petersburg, Russia

selected group shows
2021 Chinchilla, MAA-tila, Helsinki
2020 Skɪz(ə)m, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2020 Perception Games, Pärnu City Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia
2019 Wormhole, Sydney, Australia
2019 Pollinating machines, Open Studios, HIAP, Helsinki
2019 Sorcery with lizards and other transitional drawings, Open Studios, HIAP, Helsinki
2019 Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki, Finland
2019 I don't need you I need a boat, Open Studios, HIAP, Helsinki
2019 sans (t)rêve et sans merci, Cube Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2019 Polymeric Lust, Display, Berlin, Germany
2018 Unseen Platform, Saint Fiacre, Paris, France
2018 Art Berlin, with Osnova Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2018 A strong desire, PS120, Berlin
2017 Research Pavilion, Venice, Italy
2017 Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki, Finland
2017 Kuvan Kevät, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki
2017 ARS17, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki
2017 Rethinking Digitalization, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki
2017 Perfect Storm, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
2016 Friends Only, Vriend van Bavink pacific place, Amsterdam, Holland
2016 Foto Tallinn, Tallinn, Estonia
2016 Cosmoscow, with Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 Peripheral Vision, Mejan Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 Emap 2016, 9Th Ewha International Media Art Presentation, Seoul, Korea
2016 Basic Photography, SIC Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Inescapable Reality: We Need To Talk, Limbo, London
2015 Nuoret, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland
2015 20/20 Vision, Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
2015 SPBH TV, Expoincittà Lounge / Diurno Elita, Milan, Italy
2015 Offprint London: SPBH TV, Tate Modern, London
2014 Foam Talent, East Wing Gallery, Dubai, Uae
2014 -//-, L'atelier Néerlandais, Paris, France
2014 -//-, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam
2014 Valokuva, curated by Marko Vuokola, Kuvatila, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Chance In Berlin, Suomesta Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 Montage, Kuvatila, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Talsinki Stereo, Eka G Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Pixelache 2013: Talsinki Stereo, Eesti Maja, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Calibration Shift, Third Party Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2012 Falling Short, Lvl3 Gallery, Chicago, IL
2012 Seedless, Scott Gallery, Plymouth, UK
2011 F5 Like_Fest, Park Gorkogo, Moscow, Russia
2011 Omakuva, curated by Mirva Liimatta and Salla Lahtinen, Kanava Gallery, Imatra, Finland
2011 Action! Part 2, A Collection of Global Contemporary Video Art, curated by Christian Peterson, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA
2011 Kerho, curated by Salla Lahtinen and Karoliina Kuisma, Kanava Gallery, Imatra, Finland
2011 Festival International De Photographie D'hyères, Villa Noailles, Hyères, France
2011 Purku, Suokatu 12, Imatra, Finland
2011 The Collector's Guide to New Art Photography Vol. 2 - curated by Vanessa Kramer, Chelsea Art Museum, New-York, NY
2011 The Free Show, curated by Sarah Dunсan, Co-Lab, Austin, TX
2008 Second Petersburg Biennial of Contemporary Art, Etagi Loft Project, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2008 Young Russian Photography, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2007 Museum Meetings with Photography, Koszalin Museum, Koszalin, Poland

Selected performances and events
2019 ADHD Penetration, by Zander Porter, Fuchsbau Festival, Germany
2018 ADHD Penetration, by Zander Porter, Dirty Debüt, Sophiensæle, Berlin, Germany
2018 Unseen Platform, Saint Fiacre, Paris, France
2017 Dangerous soil, Copyshop of Horrors - Ballhaus Ost, Kudamm Karree, Berlin, Germany
2017 La foret, Research Pavilion, Venice, Italy
2016 When Everything Is Over So We Can Discuss, The Finnish Museum Of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
2016 on stretched to confirm, or to resist (2016), ......., Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Yodeleeiiooo, Einar Jonsson Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 Goulyat', with Megan Snowe, Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, Finland

2020 Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France
2019 HIAP, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Impilinna art residency, Utö island, Finland
2016 Sterna Art Project, Nisyros, Greece in collaboration with ATOPOS cvc, Athens
2014 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts residency, Berlin, Germany
2013 Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Nida, Lithuania
2012 TOKAMAK, HIAP, Helsinki, Finland
2010 Forumak Leto, HIAP, Helsinki, Finland

2020 The Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2020 The Finnish Cultural Foundation
2020 VISEK Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art Finland
2019 Frame Contemporary Art Finland
2019 The Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2018 Frame Contemporary Art Finland
2015 Kuno, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Iceland
2014 Kuno, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden

2015 Nuoret, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Foam Talent, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 Festival International de Photographie d'Hyères, Hyères, France

Works in public collections
Finnish State Art Deposit Collection
Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

public talks / conferences
2017 Helsinki University, Helsinki, Finland
2017 Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki, Finland
2017 Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Finnish Museum Of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
2016 PLAT(T)FORM, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
2014 NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Duesseldorf, Germany
2013 TOKAMAK, HIAP, Helsinki, Finland

PRADA SS15 Advertising Campaign / DJA

Yellow, Conveyor Editions, Visible Spectrum, US, 2014

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