Andrei Pokrovskii
Andrei Pokrovskii was born in 1996 in Moscow. In 2016 he graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts, the Department of Graphic Design. In 2019 he graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design, the Illustration Course. His works are devoted to the problem of relations with various places, the issue of attachment to spaces (real, mythical or virtual) through the experience gained in their context: sensual and behavioral, meditative and emotional. In his works there is always a “stage” with the characters who inhabit or come from this place. On this “stage” the scenery controls the characters-actors through the created atmosphere and conditions of stay. In this way, through the body manipulations both actors and viewers gain the exceptional experience of staying in a particular location.
“Monasticon Universum”, Osnova Gallery, Cube Moscow. Moscow, Russia

"Imprint", Sector1 Gallery. Bucharest, Romania
“Witness”, The Foudation of V.Smirnov and K.Sorokin. Moscow, Russia
“De Nos Jours”, Osnova Gallery. London, UK
“G.O.D.2: Garden of Dreams”, PLAGUE, Sinkhole Project, Smena. Kazan, Russia
“Where to find Kasatiki?”, Chicory. Zheleznogorsk, Russia
“Present Simple”, LOBBY. Moscow, Russia
“Follow the Rainbow”, TZVETNIK, ISSMAG Gallery. Moscow, Russia
“Ghosts That Live Amongst Us”, Warbling Collective, 155a Gallery. London, UK

2021- Institute of Contemporary Art "BAZA"
2016-2019, British High School of Art and Design (BA Illustration).
Moscow, Russia
2013-2016, Moscow State University of Printing Arts (Graphic Arts Faculty). Moscow, Russia